The Warcorns are back in this brand-new miniseries, following Big Sarge, Floater, Gunney, and Aero as they navigate Basic Training, a new unit assignment, and their first mission! Taking place years before the Warcorns On-Shot, this new miniseries dives into the stupidity that surrounds the most fabulous military service in the galaxy, and how they came to be the gloriously ridiculous killing machines we know!


This tier is limited to twenty (20) and gets you:


-A Chromium Variant of Warcorns #1!

-A Set of 3 High Quality Prints featuring our heroes!

-Warcorns Patch!

-Warcorns Chromium Sticker!


All product ships no later than August 25th.

Warcorns: Combat Unicorns for Hire: #1 Silver Tier