About Us

Founded in 2019 by Garrett Gunn, Last Wolf Legion is an intellectual Property Development House which aims to design, produce, and release original and intriguing content. Teaming up with some of the finest creators in independent comics, Last Wolf Legion brought Chris Campana and Michael Calero on board to each direct both it's Comics/Graphic Novel Division and Film/TV Division; respectively.

But the company looked to expand it's expertise to other media, and bring in external talent with unique experience in other industries. In January of 2020, voice acting legend, Sean Schemmel joined the Last Wolf Legion team. 

Last Wolf Legion currently has over a dozen properties in development as books, television and film treatments, and board games via partners like Source Point Press, Lightning Strike Productions, Deep Water Games, and more.

Our Team

Garrett Gunn - An occasionally talented writer, Garrett Gunn is a seven year veteran of indie comics and the creator/writer of Franklin and Ghost, Warcorns: Combat Unicorns for Hire, Go West, Fear Diaries and more. He currently writes numerous titles for a variety of independent publishers, primarily Michigan-based publisher Source Point Press. 

Chris Campana - A fan favorite, Chris Campana has worked on everything from comics, to video games, to storyboards. Comicbook  credits include: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Vampirella, Pathfinder, Lady Death, and Tellos, as well as creator-owned titles First World and the Adventures of Parker Reef. With over 20 years in the art industry, Chris finds himself lucky to be able to tell stories through art.

Michael Calero - Michael is a Sacramento based Writer, Illustrator, Publisher (Starburns Industries Press) and Designer who's work has been featured in numerous publications including Dark Horse Comics, Upper Deck/ Marvel comics trading cards, Source Point Press, Aspen comics, Action lab entertainment,  and most recently his creator owned project "Monster Safari”. His artwork has also been used for toy concepts, product box art,  and has also been featured in galleries, magazines, advertisements  and promotional posters for numerous pop culture events. 


Sean Schemmel -